Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

(The office view of a busy mom)

As a mom, you might feel you’re too busy to start a business venture. Or maybe you don’t have the funds. It’s also possible that you feel as though you don’t have the skills or education.

These are all falsehoods you’re telling yourself that prevent you from living your best life.

What is likely the actual truth is that you just haven’t had the right idea for you, your family, and your lifestyle. Starting a business that you love and earns money is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your time outside of being a parent.

We’ve compiled a few businesses that usually fly under the radar. These are the kinds that have low start-up costs and are usually flexible in the time required. Keep reading for more information!

Content Creator/Blogger

These two businesses have been grouped into one because of their nature and writing requirements. Many women blog and gain writing skills that they never realize can earn money. Other women feel that they don’t have the background or the degree to write professionally.

Content creation is done for websites, usually on a freelance basis. You might write blogs for companies, the “about” section of a website, or help with marketing content.

Blogging for yourself is similar, but you’ll pick a topic you like, write about it, and publish it on your chosen platform. Once you’re considered an ‘expert’ on the topic or have a high number of followers, don’t be surprised if brands ask you to write sponsored posts.

Both of these types of jobs are very flexible, remote positions. The most you’ll have to worry about is not being distracted by kids or chores..

Make and Sell Your Favorite Items

Just about every woman has something she can’t resist. It might be candles, body scrubs, or jewelry. No matter what it is, you can probably learn to make it.

Don’t think that because you live in a particular area that people won’t buy it. They will–it just comes down to marketing and how you attempt to sell it.

Ecommerce is quite popular these days and will give you the opportunity to sell your handmade goods worldwide. On the other hand, you might prefer more of a personal touch when selling. That can be done through flea markets and craft shows.

Childcare or Tutoring

Again, these two can easily be grouped together for the simple fact they require working with young ones. Being a mom is difficult, but if you’re already caring for your own kids, what’s adding a few more? The kids end up with more friends and learn some valuable social skills, and you end up with some extra bucks. Win-win.

Likewise, tutoring kids that are within your preferred grade levels can be fulfilling yet challenging. Most students are tutored after school so it could easily be worked into your daily SuperMom schedule, and if the child shows progress, parents are likely to send referrals.

Errand Services

Have you noticed all the grocery delivery apps available? You might even use a few of them! If you don’t and you’re still running errands with or without kids in tow, offering this service could translate into big bucks for stuff you do anyway.

You can easily opt out of doing grocery runs (most people’s #1 hated task) but still offer to do runs like picking up dry cleaning, mailing packages, dropping off prescriptions and things of that nature.

This might seem miniscule, but if you’re making a run to pick up dry cleaning, it takes you very little time to also grab your clients’ clothes.

Other Businesses Worth a Thought

There are so many things you’re great at doing! It really boils down to what you enjoy. Some women may enjoy housework–mopping, dusting, laundry–and love cleaning for others.

Similarly, those same women that enjoy housework could hate cooking. But do you realize how much people will pay for a home cooked meal?!

Maybe you’ve got a passion for helping others become their best selves. Life coaching is another business that has been popularized in recent years that costs very little in the way of capital.

Regardless of what you do, or what business you choose to start, just make sure it makes you happy. For example, if you hate baking, don’t start baking for money, no matter how much Suzie’s mom is paying you.

Always keep in mind, that being a parent IS a full-time job. It’s understandable to want more, but sometimes there is no ‘right’ choice for you. In that case, you manufacture it from scratch and build what works for you. Best of luck!

About the author:

Dave Schneider is the marketing manager at Albacross, the free B2B lead generation platform. In 2012 he quit his job to travel the world, and has visited over 65 countries. In his spare time, he writes about SaaS and business at and runs the churn reduction app, LessChurn.