Mengls is a monetized website which means that we can allow businesses to advertise their services online. We took the decision to begin displaying adverts on this site when we realized that our visitors were not just looking for quality content, but also reputable companies that they could trust for further recommendations on products and services to suit their own business or individual circumstances.

There are numerous advantages of advertising online at the home of

Customers Spend a Huge Proportion of Their Time Online

The internet is a powerful tool which attracts millions of viewers per day. With so many visitors preferring to carry out their everyday transactions online and refer to the internet as their means of information and guidance, it makes perfect business sense to get your business on to the world wide web.

With figures of 12,100 visitors to this site every month, and that number steadily growing, we can offer all businesses thousands of business and finance sassy potential customers on an established and thoroughly reputable website at

When visitors access the Mengls website, they do so looking for guidance, advice and further knowledge. While they are visiting the site for this, they can not help but take note of the many strategically placed adverts that we have on every page. These adverts gain visitors attentions because they relate in some way, shape or form to the business and financial topics that they use this site for.

If you have looked around the website and believe that you have the perfect product or service that matches the ethos of this site, get in touch with us immediately to discuss a suitable ad package and placing to attract these 12,100 plus visitors to what you have to offer. With 12,100 visitors comes an outstanding potential profit for each visitor to click on your advert to discover more about your company.

Website Advertising is The Most Cost-Effective Advertising Method

Alongside maximum exposure, the considerable advantage to placing an ad on the website of Mengls is the extremely low cost. Purchasing an ad package with this site is a mere fraction of what it would cost you to employ an advertising agency. Furthermore, when you do take out an ad on the site, you do not have the unnecessary additional work of having to find and market research your perfect audience – for they are already here and waiting!

You also do not have to wait for a week or two while your advert is designed and made-up and then put into a relevant place of interest – this is that central place of interest! Lastly, you do not have to devote time to the running of your ad – you quietly sit back and allow your ad to do all the hard work.

Having worked with many businesses, we have first-hand knowledge of the long-time process, and often complicated route companies feel they must undertake when advertising their business. Online advertising removes these problems, offers you a ready-made audience, and gets you up and running in hours.

If you would prefer to showcase your business the hassle-free way, get in touch with us to discuss an advertising package.