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We deal with a variety of different consultants, businesses, and customers on a regular basis and, because of this, we know full well how much each individual person can contribute and make a lasting impression on our everyday lives. Thus, we had the idea of including a section on this website whereby all of you, the visitors to this blog, could add your own valuable input in the shape of a guest blog post.

If you have been looking for a platform to showcase your knowledge, expertise or even offer others some wonderful snippets of guidance on their own business and finance pathway, then this could be the exact opportunity you have been waiting for. Look through this detailed article and get in touch with your guest blog posts through the contact form below.

Who Can Write for Our Website?

Quite simply, anybody is invited to submit a guest blog post to the Mengls website! We have worked hard to ensure that this area reflects the needs and wants of the broader community of, and what readers have told us they really want is to be able to access real blog posts from people who possess real experience in what they are talking about!

In our many years of working in business together, we have seen first hand that everyone has a skill set or a valuable piece of advice to share with those looking for further help and guidance. It is here on this blog that we intend to utilize such skills and information by promoting it to the broader audience of this informative website.

Perhaps you work in a business or finance related role, would like to work for such industry’s or maybe even if you have retired but want to offer your knowledge to those making their way into similar environments? If so, then you are the person who we would like to encourage to submit a blog post to the site.

The Varied List of Topics Open for Guest Blog Posts on The Mengls Website

After many weeks of carefully categorizing and tagging all the articles present on the website, we managed to organize this blog into easily accessible sections. With most of the content of the site tending to focus on trending topics, this is the list of issues that we are keen on reading more of on the blog, and which visitors seem to request the most:

  • Banking System
  • Business News
  • Big Business and Corporations
  • Small Business
  • Credits and Loans
  • Financial News
  • Insurance Tips
  • Investment Ideas
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Personal Finance
  • Stock Trading
  • Taxes

As we know the business and finance industry, we are confident that this list covers a wide variety of topics allowing for some excellent quality guest blog pots. However, because we also know first-hand how quickly things can change in the industry, we monitor this part of the site on a regular basis to ensure that the list is still topical, providing visitors with what they need from their visit to

If you have looked at the list above and believe there is a significant area or subject that we seemed to have missed out, get in touch and let us know and we will look at its merits.

Write and Publish Your Post Here to Build Your Blogging Confidence

We had so much fun beginning this blog and loved being able to write freely about our own experiences on a variety of business and financial topics. But, that’s not to say that when we first began blogging that we weren’t slightly apprehensive about pouring our heart out onto the page. When you write a blog post, you put it out there on the world wide web for everyone to see. This can initially be a daunting prospect, particularly if you have never written a blog post before!

When talking to other community members, we realized that some people held back from submitting their guest blog posts to the site due to not having the complete confidence to post their words onto such an established website.

We would hate for anyone to miss out on this fantastic opportunity, so here are a few sample article titles that we tend to notice are requested on several occasions as guest blog posts:

  • What Qualities Do the Bigger Corporations Value in Their Employee Appraisals?
  • I want to Begin My Own Business – Where Do I start?
  • Which Online Banking Provider Is Best for Businesses?
  • How Do I Implement a New Management Scheme into My Company?
  • What Can a Consultant Do for My Small Business?

Contribute to Our Blog and Help Fellow Business and Finance Enthusiasts

With each contribution, you lend your knowledge to the record number of 12,100 plus visitors who chose to click on this website for all their finance and business needs. Visitors come here to access the latest business news, inventions and issues alongside current financial reports, products, services and topics of interest.

This is the site for people who share enthusiasm in the ever-changing and progressive world of business and finance, and hopefully, with your very blog post, you too could be responsible for keeping your fellow community members informed in their own workplace!

Submit A Guest Post to Our Blog

If you would like to submit a post, simply get in touch so we can finalize one or two details before you do submit your finished piece, fill in the below contact form, and we will get back to you to discuss any questions that you may have.

With your name pride of place next to every blog post you submit, we make sure that you get the credit you deserve for taking the time out to help the broader community at