Web Based Portals and Modern Business Operations

It’s long since gone past the point where developers of any web-based platforms had to consider the limited connectivity speed we all had to work with. Web based applications have become so sophisticated now that you can basically have a cloud-compatible web server falling nothing short of operating like some software running off of a powerful desktop PC hard drive. What does all this power mean to modern day business operations though? Join us as we explore in greater detail…

Complete online businesses

Not only are there more and more businesses which have migrated a large chunk of their operations into the online space like over the cloud, but now web based portals of different kinds are actually making it possible to operate entire businesses online. I’m not just talking about running a freelancing and outsourcing operation using the likes of Google Docs here, as things get really interactive with the likes of live casinos, vehicle tracking, events streaming, etc.

With Virtual Reality and its little brother Augmented Reality set to explode as well soon, one can only imagine how many more businesses are going to be completely operated online.

A remote business boom

Now I already mentioned platforms such as Google Docs accounting for a boom in remote businesses such as those which have something to do with freelancing and outsourcing, but it’s interesting to keep track of a boom in a particular type of remote business as a result of the advancement of the technology driving web based portals. That’s none other than the drop-shipping business, something which is proving to be popular amongst those people who identify as digital nomads, travelling all over the world while operating remote businesses.

Real-time integrated business operations

Feature-rich web portals are also becoming responsible for the large scale operation of various multi-national businesses such as those involved in global shipping and distribution. These operations take full advantage of features such as real-time tracking and supply-chain management in a manner that’s akin to the 24/7 operation of a huge factory with branches scattered all across the world.

Utility business explosion

Make no mistake about it – even the most simplest-looking tasks which can be completed online via utility businesses are driven by a lot of sophistication which goes on behind the scenes. That still doesn’t stop what is somewhat of an explosion of utility businesses taking full advantage of all the computing power now available over the web and this is only a good thing since it saves modern businesses a whole lot of money they would have otherwise had to spend on expensive in-house, custom-made IT solutions. I mean these days generating pay stubs is something we take for granted because you can do it so quickly and easily online, via your web browser. A mere ten years ago however, you would have had to have a custom software developer coming in to quote you a mad price you have no choice but to pay for a custom payroll solution, including the generation of pay stubs.