Lucrative Industries to Explore as an Affiliate

Many people have tried to make a success out of getting into the business of affiliate marketing and unfortunately most of them have failed to even make a single referral. If you don’t want to be part of this statistic of failure, there are some very lucrative industries you can target as an affiliate, but by no means does this mean that your mere targeting of these industries is enough to succeed.

You’ll still need to work really hard at it.

Digital Services

I would have gone with digital products such as e-books, but I’d rather suggest you turn your attention to digital services for your affiliate marketing exploits. So digital services are the way to go because they’re easier to market (you can do all your marketing online), but what makes them the best is the fact that you get recursive earnings. So you refer a client once and you get paid over and over again.


Insurers are collectively known to be the one industry which offers the biggest commissions on referrals, but that’s probably because they themselves make tonnes of money charging their clients premiums and investing that money to generate more profits. Either way – you can seldom go wrong referring clients to insurance companies. Handy hint – try the online marketing channels like Google AdWords and you’ll be miles ahead of your competing affiliates.

Health and Fitness

Although this is a very competitive industry it can be a very lucrative one if you approach it right. What does it mean to approach it right though? It means you should look beyond trying to sell products like health supplements, rather seeking to refer clients to health and fitness institutions like chain gyms. Exercise equipment for rent is a particularly up-and-coming industry which is emerging to be quite lucrative.

The Finances

You can’t go wrong with the financial sector as an affiliate because everybody is looking to make a little extra money. So if you’re not a broker, refer people to brokers who might want to have trading accounts opened up for them or people who might want to have the actual trades made for them.


Food is a basic need to sustain life so you will ALWAYS have a market to sell to if you get into the food business. As an affiliate though, the best way to approach “selling food” is getting into a specific segment of the market. For example you can target the health industry with something specific like gluten free foods.


While the legal field is perhaps dominated by practices which don’t really openly display any affiliate programmes they may have, the clients of the likes of the Dolan Law Firm are indeed human beings who have other needs and concerns, so that’s a great way of seeking out prospective clients to refer to other industries. Someone who has had their legal services sorted out with regards to something like a car accident will undoubtedly be interested in auto insurance, for example.