Foundational Design Elements Of A Successful Business Website

Today’s entrepreneurs often take on the responsibility of becoming a web designer with little to no training.  It can be challenging to figure out exactly what to include on your business website, so thorough research is important.  

Start building your knowledge of design today.  Check out this brief overview, highlighting some of the most foundational design elements of a successful business website.  While reading, consider how you can integrate these tips into your design.

Navigation is vital

Every website, no matter the purpose, needs to provide visitors a way to explore.  Without proper navigational options, your business website will remain one dimensional.  Adding movement is simple.

Traditionally, a stationary navigation bar along the top or side of your layout is sufficient.  This website for hazardous waste disposal in Atlanta displays a great example of this design method.  Simplicity is key, but creativity is welcomed in terms of navigational design.  

Communication keeps you moving

Maintaining an opened line of communication with your target population online will help your business to better serve the needs of its consumers.  In addition to the expected “Contact Us” page, add other design elements which encourage users to communicate.

On your business blog, add a “leave a comment” box to the bottom of each post.  Users love to share their thoughts and experiencing regarding your entries. Stay in tune with the pulse of the community, and listen to what they have to say.

Mobile optimization keeps you relevant

There are more mobile users roaming the pages of the web than ever before, and your business design should account for this social shift.  Mobile optimization will keep users from having to pinch and swipe to accurately view your organization’s content.  

Search engine optimization boosts visibility

If you’re not already fluent in the concepts of search engine optimization, you’ve got some studying to do.  Take notes, and be thorough while learning the ins and outs of SEO. When you create content rich with SEO tactics, your website will be more visible to the right users.  

Optimizing your position on the search engine results pages (or SERPs) means that users searching relevant terms to your organization will see your page as an option before other competing sites.  

Use social media sharing icons

Social media sharing icons will help your content to spread along the various paths of the busy social networks on the web.  Add the icons in strategic locations for maximum effectiveness.  

Web users know exactly what to do with these familiar sharing icons, so simplicity is the name of the game.  Sharing buttons for your blog posts, your homepage, your contact page, and your website’s products/services page will give visitors freedom to share their exploration with friends and family.