Expecting a busy sales phase? Here’s how to prepare for it

Whatever line of business you’re in, it’s important that you’re maximising opportunities to generate revenue and make the most of any sales leads that come your way. The size and nature of your business will determine the type of action that you’re required to take when dealing with a busy sales period, but there’s a few different actionable strategies you should take to ensure you’re ready to make the most of whatever’s coming your way. Whether it’s a seasonal sales drive or you simply need more staff, there are plenty of methods of ensuring you’re on the ball when the busy period hits.

Do you research: Plan and Prepare

As the old saying goes; ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’. Nothing is truer than this when it comes to your business. It may seem obvious to prepare when we’re talking about how to prepare for a busy sales period, but business preparation involves so much more than that. Take the time to pre-empt any potential issues you may have during a peak in sales calls.

Answer questions like; Do we have enough trained staff to deal with the surge in calls? What sort of numbers did we receive last year? What did we do wrong last year – and how can we improve? Finding solutions to these problems will mean you’re well equipped when the busy periods strikes, enabling you to rest safe in the knowledge that your business is operating at its best.

Have you considered outsourcing your incoming calls?

Outsourcing your incoming telephone calls can be a great way to temporarily deal with an influx of customers during a busy sales period. Why not consider a telephone answering service to act as your reliable back-up plan, answering calls when all your in-house sales advisors are busy and the lines are engaged? Planet Numbers offer professional and reliable telephone answering services that can provide the buffer between losing those potential sales leads and keeping them on-the-line until an experienced sales advisor becomes available.

Train your staff to deal with the pressure

Working as part of a sales team can be stressful at the best of the times. But, during busy periods it can be easy for experienced sales staff to become flustered, stressed, or burnt-out while attempting to secure leads. Ensuring that your team is well-equipped to deal with the pressures that come with busy periods is a great way to ensure success.

Why not consider additional training for your staff? Introduce workshops covering how to deal with high-pressure call volumes, or how to remain calm in a tough situation. This will ensure that your staff are confident in their abilities to deal with the pressures that come your way.

Whether it’s preparing well in advance, adding some additional sales training to your company itinerary or simply hiring an external telephone answering service, the key to ensuring your business is ready for those busy periods is preparation.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation. The great thing about this article is that your business has already made the first step in preparing itself for what’s to come.