Cosmetic Procedures for Men

We’re very lucky to live in a time where it is completely acceptable for men to take pride in their appearance and to go to lengths to keep themselves looking young and looking good. A lot of men prefer to take simple measures like following the advice at Get Shave Advice for great skin, for example. But modern cosmetic surgery offers a whole new range of possibilities for men to explore.

There was once a time where men were looked down upon for daring to take a little extra time, effort and money to make themselves look good, but the modern world is different, more guys than ever are investing in grooming products, spending money on better looking clothes and, yes, even going under the knife to permanently alter how they look.

Here’s a run down of some of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men right now, if any of these jump out at you, consider talking to a professional like Dr. Farbod Esmailian, to take the next step to becoming the man you’ve always wanted to be.

Neck Lift

Medically known as a low rhytidectomy, a neck life can help reduce the look of a ‘turkey neck’ that is typically present in older men. A turkey neck weakens the appearance of the jaw and can make a man look heavier than he actually is.

Having a neck lift can reverse these effects and give the appearance of a stronger jawline and make a neck appear longer and a person thinner.


While liposuction has traditionally been aimed at the female market, more men than ever are turning to liposuction to ride themselves of excess fat and unsightly stomach, legs, thighs and arms.

Liposuction works by literally sucking fat out of targeted body parts, before adding compressions garments to specific areas to create new body shapes.

Hair Transplant

This procedure has become a common favourite amongst celebrities and sportsmen of a certain age who are suffering the effects of premature balding. Hair transplants are actually one of the most common cosmetic procedures in men across the world and it’s a relatively simple thing to do.

It’s literally as simple as it sounds, hair is taken from one part of your body and placed in the area where you are suffering from hair loss (usually the top of the forehead.)

It’s a pricey procedure, which is why it tends to only be taken up by those who live wealthy lifestyles, but it’s not too out of reach and many finance options are often available.

Ear Pinning

It’s a common woe for many young people, not just boys, but the complaint of big ears isn’t one that a person has to live with forever. Also known as setback Ostoplasty, ear pinning is the process of improving the shape, position or proportion of ears. This can include pinning them back to make them appear to stick out less.

There is a danger to ear surgery due to the amount of cartilage in that area, heavy and permanent scarring may occur that can’t be easily hidden, depending on your hairstyle of course!

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is a big decision and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take your time to make a decision and undertake thorough research to establish which practitioner is the right one for you.