When Bad Customer Service Gets Serious

The generally more open manner through which we can access services these days is mostly a good thing, but it’s not without it pitfalls of course, as is the case with every aspect of our lives I guess. I mean sure, being able to use platforms such as Uber and AirBnB is great because it allows people to by-pass all the red-tape they’d otherwise have to work their way through and get directly into the services industry.

In addition to that, we as consumers get to vastly improve our chances of getting a good service because everybody in the services industry pretty much competes on an equal footing. More importantly however, everyone in the service industry is pretty much under public scrutiny with the rating system generally used to document the records of their service. You get rated by each customer you service and that rating is out in the world in an instant, not to mention the peer-to-peer recommendations which are perhaps even more powerful than public ratings.

It’s very important for this sort of self-regulation of the market because then as a prospective buyer you know that what you’re getting is basically sincere and based on the experience of someone who has gone before you, before you take money out of your own pocket and buy. You generally get a good idea of the service you’ll be getting…

There is a bit of a darker side to all of this however because what it does is just further empower those true capitalists who have the advantage of big money capital to their names. If we’re not careful then after all this disruption that’s taking place we’re simply going to get back to how things have been all along. The concentration of power will start gravitating back towards where it has always been and all this disruption will only have been a surface-level shift in the development of our species.

For example, in Italy the average youngster cannot afford to buy property whereas back just a few years ago you could afford to live a comfortable life as something like a skilled labourer, on that salary. You could feed a family of four and live in a nice house pretty much anywhere where the working class would be comfortable, but these days the big money capital is buying up all the properties and renting them out mostly to travellers who come from all over the world.

That’s the downside to this more opened up manner through which business is conducted, but there are some times when things can get even darker than that – when bad customer service gets serious and becomes a matter of great legal, economic and health concern.

One such scenario is one in which you might need to rope in the services of a Minnesota Elder Abuse Lawyer to get some restitution, because you’re entrusting something rather delicate to some people who are originally in it for the money they stand to make.

So, as much as it helps to read reviews ratings and the likes, it’s ultimately up to you to make sure to follow-up on the quality of service you’re getting.